BRT Advertising


We are pleased to introduce to you our outdoor bus branding service that allows you to spend as little as TEN THOUSAND (N10,000) NAIRA and in return, reach out to Three Million potential customers who will see your products on a daily basis.

When you sign up for our service, we help you place your designed adverts on a Lagos Transit Blue Bus (BRT) of your choice on any route within Lagos at N10,000 daily for minimum 30 days. This advert reaches about Three Million people daily who either:

  1. Enter the bus as passengers to their various locations.
  2. Are at the bus park for various reasons.
  3. Are on the roads while the bus is moving or stationed in and out of traffic.

We therefore guarantee that at a minimal rate you can reach millions of Lagosians and visitors to Lagos with messages about your new or existing products and marketing or sales promotions from your organsisation.

Finally, why you should try our services is that we can help you break your messages to the specific or target people you are trying to reach within a specific period within Lagos. We also offer other outdoor advertising services apart from bus branding.

For more information, please reach out to us via 0802 892 3932.

Would you like to know the routes covered? kindly click on this link to view routes covered.

Thank you.

Head, Business Development