Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) /Sustainability Retreat 2021

Review, Refocus & Refire

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR-S) has emerged as an indispensable priority for corporate organizations and business leaders around the globe. Teeming number of business leaders in Nigeria has taken sides with the tenets of sustainability and regulatory policies across sectors and communities in driving their business objectives to meeting stakeholders’ expectations periodically.

The past decade has witnessed quite a number of indigenous and multinational organizations in Nigeria starting and launching their first and continuous corporate social responsibility report prior to the United Nations declaration of Development Agenda 2030 on 25 September 2015, also known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focusing on 17 goals. Empirically, environmental policies and social insurance scheme are the most expected requirement by regulatory bodies while setting up a company.  The crux of CSR includes environmental concerns, gender balance, respect of local communities, technology use and energy consumption. It is therefore not a “business as usual” if corporations would like to be adjudged as an environmental, social and economic responsible entity. As companies grow, day by day they must navigate increasingly complex social, political, environmental and legal challenges that they can’t solve alone.

While there are stunning records of impact orchestrated by Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability practices; there exist more room for innovative strategy, adaptation, implementation, value creation and communication; this informed the essence of a cross-sectoral retreat.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR-S) Retreat 2021, is an initiative aimed at bringing together CSR and Sustainability Leaders and practitioners across sectors and industries in convivial a atmosphere for the examination and appraisal of impacts, innovation and communications in a holistic approach unlike the familiar gathering of a Conference and award-nite.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR-S) Retreat 2021 is weaved on the three core retreat agenda namely: Review Refocus and Refire.  The Retreat is organized by News Express Nigeria and People Planet & Profit Media in collaboration with Centre for Sustainable Development.

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  • Presentation of selected CSR Report of companies operating in Nigeria in the last 10 Years.
  • Presentation of the milestones/impact of the report in the past 10 Years
  • Testimonials; corporate, community, individuals; and CSR Exhibitions
  • The social, economy and environmental Scene in picture in the absence of CSR Practices
  • Looking forward involving: Identification and collating the challenges facing the 3-Pillars of Sustainability in phases.
  • The Change; involving opportunities and innovations orchestrated by COVID-19, and the new-normal.
  • Core strategy for management buy-in, budgeting and top-bottom communications

General Aims and Objectives

Generally, CSR/Sustainability department is responsible for coordinating and implementing CSR /sustainability initiatives and activities according to company’s strategy. The purpose of this Retreat; Review, Refocus and Refire is to shed light on several implementation that have shifted their strategies to cater for more environmentally, economic and social course, and to encourage other entity to take similar action. It will thus offer a guideline and opportunity in such a way to answer the following questions: what have we done? How did we do it? What did we not do well? How should we have done it? what should we do and when should we start?

DAY 2: Outdoor and Adventure Tourism, but limited space available.

Date: Thursday 25th – Friday 26th November, 2021

Time:  9:00am Prompt   Venue: La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

Mode: In-person attendance .ie, physical presence

How to Attend: Attendance is by Registration and Confirmation

Attendance: Free but it is by Invitation and Nomination

Cost: Individual & Corporate Sponsorship

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