Sustainability Integration Management (SIM)

This platform provides tailor made sustainability practices with corporate social responsibility (CSR) intervention programme and guidelines with cognizance to chosen industry, consumers, community and other stakeholders expectations rooted in research. These programs comes with high potential to drive sales, brand confidence, risk mitigation, improved turnover, shareholders value and respect by industry peers.Our Sustainability Integration management  attracts shift towards circular economy, ensuring eco-friendly designs  with reduction in materials consumption and benefits to the environment and the bottom-line.

  • Sustainability /SDGs/CSR Integration  into Business Operation
  • Sustainable Development Practices Assessment
  • Stakeholder’s Engagement
  • CSR/Sustainability Communication
  • Sustainability Report
  • CSR Policy Statement and Guideline
  • CSR Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • CSR Key Message Development

When businesses operate with integrity the profits shows up not only on the financial statements but in the hearts and mind of its internal and external stakeholders including employees, customers, distributors, creditors, shareholders, business regulators, government agencies/institutions and its host communities. All this shape’s our drive for ensuring quality and sustainability/CSR Intervention Programmes and Policies.

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